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How to Find an Affordable SEO Company

It is no secret that the services provided by an affordable SEO company are critical in making it possible for people to locate a website online. SEO (search engine optimization) is what allows your website to communicate with search engines which gives it search engine exposure. Meta tags, keywords, titles, and page descriptions are all important on-page SEO factors; but how much do you know about local SEO services?

A study conducted by Telmetrics reported that nearly 60 percent of all mobile users want search results to be within walking distance or a short driving distance when they are looking up specific businesses or services. This means that if you have not optimized your website for local search engine results, you are missing out on potential business. What will a company that offers SEO Melbourne do to optimize your website to show up in local search results anyway?

Local Listings

Google, Yahoo!, and a number of other websites have the opportunity for you to set up a listing for your business. Setting up local listings is beneficial because it is an opportunity for you to attach your address and your phone number to the name of your business. This will make it easier for search engines to determine where your business is located, so it can appear in relevant search results for potential local search engine users.

On-Page Local SEO

An air conditioning and heating company would use keywords such as “ac company” or “heating company” throughout the written content on the website in order to tell search engines that is what the website is about and the services that the website offers. Local SEO is more or less the same technique. You just need to include location based keywords. Instead of “ac company” you would say “ac company in Melbourne”. This tells the search engine that you are an AC company as well as where you are located. Landmarks, cities, states, counties, and zip codes are all great keywords to scatter throughout the content as they help the search engine establish location.

Localizing your website for the 60 percent of mobile users is only an action that makes sense if your website is mobile friendly. Have you ever tried to load your website from a phone or computer tablet to see what it looks like? Talk to a web design company or company that offers SEO services about what can be done to make your website accessible to mobile users.

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