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The Impact of Using Video SEO Services

Statistics show that 78 percent of new customers find small businesses using search engines. SEO (search engine optimization) can be confusing because it is a practice that continues to evolve and change. There are, however, some basic differences between hiring an SEO company for local SEO services and one for organic SEO services. When you reach out to an affordable SEO company for the first time, you should know what those differences are.

Local search engine optimization offers a geographical component that is not something organic SEO would necessarily offer you. Local SEO is about using relevant keywords to establish a physical location. It is about not just drawing in traffic, but drawing in traffic that could commute to your physical business if they wanted to.

Organic SEO is just about drawing people into your website who would benefit from the content it has to offer. When you are using Organic SEO, it does not really matter where your business or the people being attracted to your website might be coming from. The main goal is just to bring people into your website who would find the information helpful. Plumbing companies, real estate agencies, coffee shops, and law firms are a few examples of businesses that need local SEO in order to stay in business.

One thing more and more business owners are doing to help with Local SEO is paying people to write and post reviews about their business and/or their services. They are paying for real reviews that will come up when people are searching for reviews to make sure your company is legitimate before doing business with you. Reviews are what make your company look real. If you hire a SEO Melbourne company and they discover you do not have any reviews, they might suggest finding a few people to pay to write and post reviews on behalf of your company.

When you hire an SEO company, they are also going to make sure listings for your company have been posted all over the place. Social media plays a big role in local SEO as well. It is not uncommon for someone to use website like Facebook to find a business that is close to where they live. If you do not have a profile on major social networking websites, you are missing out on a lot of potential earnings. Fortunately, the SEO company would be able to help you set up profiles and listings on all the right places.

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